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June 17, 2015

STM London meet-up & private mastermind case study

Hey, guys!

It’s been a while since my last post, and some of my subscribers have started mailing me and asking what happened and if I would have new posts.

I had three big things going on:

  • First, in March, I traveled across the world for the biggest affiliate meet-up in London, organized by StackThatMoney (STM).
  • Then, I spent three awesome weeks with my family back home in Slovakia, and I also managed some biz-related stuff as I’m still operating my affiliate business from the EU.
  • The rest of the time I was working my ass off on my campaigns.

…So my blog didn’t get the attention that I would’ve liked to give it, but finally I’m back!

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March 2, 2015

Tips on How to Choose a Profitable Offer to Promote

Our campaigns rise and fall with the offers we promote. Choose the wrong offer and whatever you do to make it work, it will always be a loser. Choose the right one and the world is yours.

But how do we know which is the right one?

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February 21, 2015

Hello, World!

Hello, guys!

My name is Erik Gyepes, but many people also know me by my nickname, Depi.

I welcome you all to my first-ever blog in English!

I have been blogging in the Slovak language since 2006, and to be honest, I have always been afraid of publishing my writing in English since it’s not my native language.

But nothing changes the fact that I have really wanted to blog in English for such a long time.

And as you may know, just WANTING something is never enough, so I actually had to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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