Everyone has their own tools of choice.

I’m not an exception.

Note: These are all paid tools.

If you have no money to spend, affiliate marketing is probably not for you yet.

All of these tools however contributed a lot in my own success.

And they can contribute in your own as well…

1. STM Forum

STM is where it all started for me.

From someone who had no experience with paid traffic I became a professional performance marketer using mobile traffic sources.

I generated hundreds of thousands from mobile and STM is the community that you should join if you are serious about affiliate marketing.

All of the big players are already there and share their knowledge with others.

Since November 2016 I’m also in the position of junior moderator, so say hello to me once you join! 🙂

2. Voluum

Voluum is my tracker of choice.

You cannot made it in affiliate marketing without tracking your campaigns.

I’m going to release a guide on how to use and setup your own Voluum campaigns soon.

I even have Voluum.com tab pinned in my browser, it’s probably one of my most visited sites!

Read my Voluum review and tutorial here.

3. Adplexity

You simply need to know what’s going on around you.

What landing pages and offers are run by other affiliates.

I’ve got a whole 5-day mini-course on spying (join in the sidebar).

Adplexity is a proven tool that gives what it promises.

Try it yourself and start running profitable campaigns from day 1.

4. VPN

I use VPN for 2 things:

  • spying on affiliates
  • protecting my own privacy

I have both VyprVPN and HideMyAss.

They are both good and have mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Doesn’t matter which one you choose.

What matters is if you use one or not.

5. DigitalOcean

When it comes to VPS servers I prefer DigitalOcean.

Did you know that this blog is running on Digital Ocean too?

It’s easy to use and you can have your own server ready to use in like 2 minutes.

6. ServerPilot

Do you hate command line and all that geeky stuff about setting up servers?

Well, forget that sh*t and use ServerPilot.

You can connect your DigitalOcean VPS server to ServerPilot and you get nice UI to manage all of your apps, domains & databases.

They’ve made even installing SSL certificate a 1-click thing!

7. Namecheap

When it comes to domains I use Namecheap.

They give you FREE Whois Privacy for the 1st year.

And most of the time through year they’ve got domains for as low as $0.80!

Again, no brainer.

I will be adding more tools and services that I’m using over the time to this page, so keep your eye on it.