Hi, I’m Erik.

I started making money from the Internet more than a decade ago, and in my entire life, I have had only 1 boss—whom I worked for, for only 2 weeks.

Since 2008, I’ve been running a PSD-to-WordPress coding service. It’s work, and we do a really great job, but it’s not my main focus and it’s completely outsourced.

Besides coding, in my spare time I built a small network of sites that I tried to rank through SEO and monetize with AdSense. I started doing this quite late, only at the start of 2010. However, in 2 years, I built a solid portfolio of sites that brought me home a monthly passive income of $2k to $3k.

Two thousand twelve was the year when I felt burned-out and needed a change in my life.

Thailand was that change.

I came here at the end of April that year to look around for 1 month. I returned to Slovakia, and after just 6 months, I was already on a flight back to Thailand with a one-way ticket.

I started a completely new life, experienced a LOT of new things, and felt really happy.

However, I got quite lazy, and by that time, the Google Animals had been born.

In 1 day, I lost income that would cover 1 month of comfortable living in Thailand.

Things got tough.

I developed my own system and launched a lot of new sites, some of which survived, but most did not.

I knew that was not worth my efforts, and I got lazy playing the cat-and-mouse game with Google.

It was a call for a big change in my thinking.

And it was also the time when I discovered paid traffic and affiliate marketing on a global scale.

I started experimenting with paid traffic in October 2013, and TODAY it’s my new addiction.

I’m happy to be in the industry of BIG numbers, where dreams come true. But we should not forget that failures are a daily part of it as well.

On this life journey, I have learned—and more importantly, am still learning—a lot of amazing things. The knowledge around me excites me so much that I’d like to share at least some pieces of it with you guys.

So here we are.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.