On STM Forum, we often encourage new members to start their own follow-alongs aka journeys of their first steps within their campaigns.

It’s the best way they can learn from their beginner mistakes and also everyone who is reading can step in and give an advice.

It’s a win-win situation for everyone, and many times these FA’s are full of golden nuggets.

It’s been a long time since I started my own follow-along on STM.

It was actually couple years ago, when I was starting out with paid traffic affiliate marketing as a total newbie.

However, in early December I started my own follow-along again!

Zeropark recently introduced Push Ads and I wanted to learn this new ad format.

Follow-along seemed like the best way to do it, so everyone can benefit and learn something new.

Even I’m experienced affiliate marketer and I launched hundreds of successful campaigns, push ads were a completely new ad format to me at this time.

I’ve documented my whole journey from start, with the whole setup directly on STM and updated it every couple of days.

Here is what I’ve shared:

  • my preparation and research process
  • my tracking setup in Voluum
  • offers and landers selection
  • campaign’s setup at Zeropark’s side
  • ads and creatives
  • best converting offer

The results were more than surprising!

I did a proper initial preparation, research (spying) and setup.

I’ve launched 5 campaigns in 3 different verticals (sweepstakes, casino and finance) in total.

In just 4 days as a total newbie with push ads I reached $200/day profit.

Of course not all my campaigns were profitable, and I shared my thoughts and reasons behind those as well.

To read the whole FA, feel free to join STM and read it with people’s comments and questions.

Also since yesterday you can also read an edited version of it as a case study on Zeropark’s official blog:

Zeropark Push Ads Case Study: A Super-Affiliate Tries Push Traffic – Ft. Erik Gyepes

Enjoy reading and I wish you good profits with push notification traffic!