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September 23, 2018

STM Forum (Stackthatmoney) – Is It Still Worth $99/month in 2018?

Latest post update: 7th, November 2018.

STM Forum (formerly called StackThatMoney) is a private affiliate marketing community started back in 2011 by Stackman, Lorenzo Green and Besmir.

Since then it became one of the biggest private affiliate marketing communities, that now stands behind big events called Affiliate World Conferences.

If you read my blog for a while you may noticed that STM forum is on my list of tools for success, it’s actually first one on the list.

And there is a good reason for it.

I wrote this STM Forum review, so we can find out what it’s all about and whether it’s really worth to pay $99/month for it?

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August 13, 2018

Binom Review – Your Guide to Tracking Campaigns in 2018

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✅ Intro

Trackers are a hot topic recently between affiliates and performance marketers. The reason is that one of the top players decided to radically raise their prices, which outraged many of affiliates.

The good news is that in 2018 there are plenty of choices when it comes to our tracking solutions – both cloud and self-hosted.

In the last couple of days I took a closer look at Binom, a self-hosted tracker aimed for professionals, which is getting recently A LOT of traction between affiliates.

Let’s try to find out WHY is it happening and what Binom has to offer to us!

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September 11, 2017

🔥 CoinTracking Review: Track & Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio with CoinTracking

Unless you’ve been living under some rock, you’ve probably heard a word or two about Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.

If not, you should do some research, as you may be missing out on something big!


If I don’t count my first time shopping for Bitcoin in 2013 (I bought my first one for $72!), I personally got involved with cryptocurrency on a deeper level last year.

My involvement consists mainly of buying and holding (or, as it’s called, HODLING).

It’s a simple and easy investing strategy that has already multiplied my investment x times for this year.

I did some daily trades here and there, but I’m still not very comfortable there and I consider it much riskier than the simple BUY AND HOLD strategy.

…but back to the main question of this post:

Once you have a couple of currencies in your coin portfolio, the main problem becomes: how do you track your cryptocurrency portfolio?

I see this question asked in crypto-related Facebook groups and forums every single day.

Well, it’s pretty understandable as the more types of coins you own, the more difficult it gets.


Imagine: you hold 20 cryptocurrencies on 3 different exchanges + your hardware wallets such as TREZOR. Add in some trades here and there and you may get lost pretty quickly:

  • What is the total value of my whole portfolio? (in either USD or BTC)
  • How much $$$ have I made holding this coin?
  • If I sell xx amount of this coin today, will it be a gain or loss for me?

These are just 3 of the many questions that you will have to ask yourself once you start rolling with cryptocurrencies.

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September 4, 2017

Voluum Tutorial: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need (2018 Version)

Updated on: 6th November, 2018

Voluum now offers 25% discount until 31st of December 2018.

✅ Intro

Properly understanding tracking in affiliate marketing can be a tough problem if you’re just starting out and are about to launch your first campaign.

There are too many small things that need to be done before everything works as a well-oiled machine.

Don’t worry, though.

After reading this guide, you will be able to set up everything by yourself and enjoy all the great features that trackers offer.

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February 21, 2017

My CTR is either too low or too high: what’s the best CTR to have?

I noticed this question a few times this month on STM forums.

Two main problems people had were that:

  • their CTR was way too high = more people were clicking through the landing page than visiting the landing page
  • their CTR was very low = very few people were clicking through the landing page

I’m going to analyze both of these extremes and suggest solutions that might fix these problems.

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February 14, 2017

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead Again in 2018?

This question comes up from the muddy waters of Internet marketing every year.

SEO is dead.

PPV is dead.

Display is dead.

Pops are dead.

Mobile is dead.

Facebook is dead (Oh, wait… wait, Facebook is still alive!)

So what is my personal viewpoint on the industry in 2018?

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May 14, 2016

Warning: Deceptive Site Ahead!

Your campaigns are running, and everything is fine with the usual ups and downs.

Then you wake up one day, check your stats, and find out that some disaster has just happened.

All your campaigns are dying, and your CTR is suspiciously low.

Your domain is flagged by Google.

What does that mean?

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November 18, 2015

8 things I’ve learned in 1 year as a full-time affiliate marketer

Today is exactly one year that I’ve been a full-time affiliate marketer.

Before, I was just trying out the affiliate marketing business, doing some of it here and there, but I finally made my decision to go full throttle near the end of last year.

I saved some money from my other businesses and told myself, “NOW is the time to make it WORK.”

I basically stopped doing everything else and gave affiliate marketing 100% of my FOCUS.

Along the way I learned a lot of useful things and skills.

I should mention that I’m not into teaching someone about something unless I’ve walked the path of that something myself.

That is mostly the reason why I haven’t posted much on my blog—I’m working hard on my campaigns every single day.

Now as I have gained some experience, I would like to share 8 tips with you that I’ve learned and I believe could add value to your daily business as an affiliate marketer.

Enjoy reading!

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June 17, 2015

STM London meet-up & private mastermind case study

Hey, guys!

It’s been a while since my last post, and some of my subscribers have started mailing me and asking what happened and if I would have new posts.

I had three big things going on:

  • First, in March, I traveled across the world for the biggest affiliate meet-up in London, organized by StackThatMoney (STM).
  • Then, I spent three awesome weeks with my family back home in Slovakia, and I also managed some biz-related stuff as I’m still operating my affiliate business from the EU.
  • The rest of the time I was working my ass off on my campaigns.

…So my blog didn’t get the attention that I would’ve liked to give it, but finally I’m back!

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March 2, 2015

Tips on How to Choose a Profitable Offer to Promote

Our campaigns rise and fall with the offers we promote. Choose the wrong offer and whatever you do to make it work, it will always be a loser. Choose the right one and the world is yours.

But how do we know which is the right one?

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