STM Forum (formerly called StackThatMoney) is a premium affiliate marketing community started back in 2011 by Stackman, Lorenzo Green and Besmir.

Since then it became on of the biggest private affiliate marketing communities, that now stands behind big events called Affiliate World Conferences.

If you read my blog for a while you may noticed that STM is on my list of tools for success, it’s actually first one on the list.

And there is a good reason for it.

I wrote this STM Forum review, so we can find out what it’s all about and whether it’s really worth to pay $99/month for it?

STM Forum Preview

STM Forum Preview

Why to join STM Forum?

When I started out in affiliate marketing I had at least million questions in my head.

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

  • Where to start in affiliate marketing?
  • What is tracker and tracking?
  • What is the best traffic source right now?
  • How does a converting landing page look like?
  • What are the best affiliate networks?
  • How to choose a an affiliate offer?
  • …and probably million more questions

If your answer on any of these was yes, then STM may be right choice for you.

All of these questions are already answered on StackThatMoney and if not, you can always ask your own.

Good thing about STM is that it’s newbie friendly, so you don’t have to be shy or feel stupid about asking anything.

“The only stupid question is the question that is never asked.”

– Ramon Bautista

There is a friendly moderators team (btw I’m one of them) who are happy to answer your questions and point you into the right direction.

It’s almost like having a team of mentors available to you all the time.

STM Forum Price

STM is a paid forum and it’s price is $99/month.

Which super affiliates you can find on STM?

There are many super affiliates and successful affiliates who are more or less active on STM.

If you are into AM, you probably recognise some of these names already:

What you can learn on STM

STM Forum Traffic Sources Sub-Forums

STM Forum Traffic Sources Sub-Forums

Forum is divided into many sub-forums and therefore it’s easy to navigate.

Let me go through some of the Traffic Source sections that may be interesting for you:


If the big blue is your thing, then you are on the right place. This sub-forum is dedicated to nothing else, but Facebook.


This is a quite new section that is getting traction in the latest months when many affiliates started creating their own e-commerce shops. If you are on of them, this section is for you.


Everything about running with native sources ie. RevContent, MGID, Taboola, Outbrain and others.


Probably the biggest and strongest sub-forum. Mobile offers and traffic has been a huge trend in the last couple of years for affiliates

Adult traffic (NSFW)

Adult affiliate marketing & dating. If you run on sources like Exoclick, TrafficJunky, TrafficFactory and others, this one is for you.

POP / PPV / Redirect

This one goes hand in hand with mobile. Very popular sub-forum where you can learn all about traffic sources like Popads, Zeropark, Propellerads, Adcash and others.

Push Traffic

This is one of the newest sections that was added just recently. Push notification traffic seems to be a new big trend after POPs

Tracking Campaigns & Tech stuff

One of the biggest challenges for new affiliates is tracking and all the technical difficulties.

Fortunately there are whole sub-forums for Tracking Campaigns, Programming, Servers & Scripts.

You will get answers to these and many more questions:

  • What is a tracker and how to set it up?
  • What are dynamic tracking tokens?
  • What is a postback and how to setup server to server tracking?
  • How and why to host landing page on a CDN?
  • What is a back button script and how to include it on my landing page?
  • .. and many more

This section is very helpful and you will learn all the basics of tracking here.

Success Stories

  • “Crossed $40K in July 2018 – Struggle of Digital Marketer in Affiliate Marketing”
  • “From $1,000,000 to Net Worth of $184,000,000 & Cover of Forbes Magazine”
  • “Today: Two FB Accounts – Tier 1 – Pin Submit – 500% ROI”
  • “$846,365 in 9 months with ecom”
  • “After giving up on AM we just made $1MM of Profit in 53 days!”
  • “10k profit day after more than a year of 0 returns”

No, these are not just some catchy headlines, they are actually case studies / success stories of the most successful affiliates on STM.

One of the many success stories on STM, here one of the members hit $40k in month of July

One of the many success stories on STM, here one of the members hit $40k in month of July

I handpicked them, but there are over 180 threads with over 4700 posts under the Success Stories sub-forum on STM.

Another success story where @stickupid did 500% ROI on Facebook

Another success story where @stickupid did 500% ROI on Facebook


Let’s say you are ready to launch your first affiliate campaign.

You know learned all the basics, but something in the back of your head tells you that you are not 100% confident in your steps.

The best thing you can do is to start a follow-along and post your process and steps you took.

This way experienced affiliates and moderators can step-in and help you along the way.

Follow-alongs are also great threads in general to read through – you can learn the thought process of other affiliates and what steps they took that led them to success or failure.


Newbie-Friendly Guides & Tutorials

There are many great tutorials following the latest trends in affiliate marketing.

I personally also posted some tutorials and content that I exclusively share only on STM, you can see some previews below.

My guide on how to enable SSL/HTTPS on your domains and landing pages

My guide on how to enable SSL/HTTPS on your domains and landing pages

My post on 1 simple trick that made my campaigns profitable

My post on 1 simple trick that made my campaigns profitable


Even joining STM and being able to read and learn all these great tips & tricks and strategies may sometimes not be enough.

The true power of success in affiliate marketing lies in networking.

One thing you can do immediately is to start your own mastermind.

Let’s say you are interested in running native campaigns and you are looking for other affiliates on your level.

You can post your own mastermind announcements and start working with other affiliates towards same goals.

You can share everything together and save money on running traffic, and optimise faster.

Masterminds sub-forum

Masterminds sub-forum

Mastermind is a great way of learning and it can speedup your way to success.

Events & Networking

Another great way for progress is networking.

I highly recommend you to visit affiliate marketing related conferences such as Affiliate World Conferences or any other around the world or in your area.

Meeting affiliates face to face and sharing your experiences is the best investment for yourself.

Not mention those great affiliate parties 🙂

Is STM Forum Worth It?

Short answer? Yes.

If you are starting out in the AM industry, STM is the right place for you.

It may be perceived as lower value over time, as you will become expert and you will have feeling that you already know everything.

(btw that’s never true, especially in this industry)

If you are serious into AM then yes, I highly recommend STM Forum as it filters out lot of the buzz and incomplete information that is all around internet or free forums.

But if you are already making $1000/day or above, I think it may be not interesting for you anymore as you are already on a different level and probably know your way in affiliate marketing.