Hello, guys!

My name is Erik Gyepes, but many people also know me by my nickname, Depi.

I welcome you all to my first-ever blog in English!

I have been blogging in the Slovak language since 2006, and to be honest, I have always been afraid of publishing my writing in English since it’s not my native language.

But nothing changes the fact that I have really wanted to blog in English for such a long time.

And as you may know, just WANTING something is never enough, so I actually had to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I have written a short story about me and my online business activities on my About me page, so I recommend that you take a look at it if you haven’t yet.

If you are not interested in a story, let me put it in another way here:

I live in Thailand, and I’m an affiliate/performance marketer and media buyer—in other words, I make money from the Internet.

There are several reasons and internal motivations for my starting this blog, and one of them is that I’d like to share some knowledge about what I deal with every day.

I have friends (fellow “masterminds”) whom I share things with, but many times I see the same questions popping up again and again.

From now on, I will have my own public place to log those questions.

Also, I’d like to track my progress in affiliate marketing and paid traffic, which I started experimenting with in 2013.

Besides affiliate marketing, I’m interested in traveling, self-development, psychology, and human behavior and productivity, so hopefully I can get into these topics as well over time.

I’m trying to keep this intro post short, so talk to you soon!