Like most of the guys out there, I have been driving traffic to my websites by using SEO for years.

Organic search-engine traffic is considered free traffic. But is it really free?

Many of us forget to factor in the most valuable variable in the equation: our TIME.

Ever waited months to get ranked and get a couple hundreds or thousands of visitors per month?

Imagine how much time you have lost just by doing that.

I know. You could have done other things—launching more websites, working on different projects. When we focus on just 1 particular website, we lose A LOT of time and MONEY.

Ever bought backlinks? SEO tools? Domains? Hosting? IPs? Come on, it’s not free traffic!

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m coming from the same boat, and I was doing the same thing for years—until I realized there is also another way.

Paid traffic!

If we look at the bigger picture, we will shortly realize where things have been heading in the last couple of years: We must get used to paying for things on the Internet.

This direction is not going to change whether you or I want it or not.

Google wants you to pay for its search traffic.

Facebook wants you to pay for your likes and fans.

Twitter has promoted posts.

Pinterest has recently launched Pinterest Ads.

This is where we are right now, guys.

We have to just get used to it.

What about paid traffic then?

Well, that’s a whole new world, and we need a different mindset to conquer it.

Paid traffic costs money, but it SAVES time.

You create a campaign, and you instantly get results or, more probably, lose money.

But I’d rather lose money TODAYlearn from my missteps, and improve on my actions…

Than wait long months and compete with a freaking AI machine controlled by the planet’s smartest brains, who will NEVER let me win.

Consider this the next time you start your affiliate or any other online project.